About Our Program

The goal of the NJSYFL is to provide the largest number of pre-high school aged youth with a positive experience in the game of football, through participation in a town residency required league. Our program has grown and garnered the reputation for being one of the most balanced programs in the state, in terms of how it is run, and the values set forth for the children that participate. The program focuses not only on athletic skill development, but also on personal growth and enjoyment while it embodies the values of academic excellence, respect for others, discipline, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

We have a great responsibility to the boys and girls that participate in our program and the league has a “low tolerance” for any coach or individual that is part of this program and that does not strive to meet these responsibilities and places either the safety of the participants or the development of good values at risk.

The NJSYFL currently supports three types of programs for pre-high school aged boys and girls; contact football, cheerleading, and flag football. Additional details about each program can be found by clicking on the links below.

Full Contact Football

A competitive, traveling, full contact program for various age and weight groups.
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A developmental, traveling program paired by age group with with the full contact football teams.
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The league operates with the intent of developing an understanding and uniform approach among the
communities with respect to the conditions that each program sets forth for the administration of its
respective grade school football programs.

Division Of Participants

The participants are to be separated and placed into each of the following six groupings of divisions:

Division A – 8th Grade
Division B – 7th Grade
Division C – 6th Grade
Division D – 5th Grade
Division E – 4th Grade
Division F – 3rd & 2nd Grade
Division Flag – 2nd, 1st & K

Development Of Teams

Since the number of participants in each division will vary from community to community, the number of types of teams may vary. If a program has over 40 participants in one division, that program can have a second team. They could be uniform as to ability or a selected All-Star or Traveling team.

It is understood that teams of over 25 are almost impossible to administer from the standpoint of teaching fundamentals of football and that teams of approximately 15 are dangerous if considering participation in the SYFL because of illness, injury, or other outside commitments.

It is the agreement of all participating organizations that any program that joins or wants to continuing playing in the league must produce at least THREE TEAMS in any combination from the A,B,C,D divisions. This is in agreement to provide an adequate schedule for all fairness to the other organizations. All programs must report their level of involvement BY AUGUST 15th each year. If any program cannot fully participate with a minimum of three teams they will be excluded for the season.

Reporting Games

Someone from each program MUST report scores for all A,B,C and D level games, regardless of whether you were the winning or losing teams. A report must be submitted by both teams each weekend. All scores are to be submitted and no later than Monday afternoon following each game. Failures to report scores by the deadline will result in loss of points for that game.