ATTENTION - 2023 NJ-SYFL Scholarship Program Announcement

December 1, 2023


The NJ-SYFL Scholarships for 2023 are open for any 8th grade Football player or
cheerleader desiring to pursue a degree in their future. There is no financial hardship
required. There will be 6 total, $500.00 scholarships awarded.

3 for Football Players
3 for Cheerleaders

Qualifications are:

-Must be a participating 8th grade cheerleader or football player for the 2023 season

-Must have a minimum “C” average, submit copy of last report card with…

-An essay titled “What the NJ-SYFL has done for me”

All essays are to be…

mailed to:

The NJ-SYFL Scholarship Committee
PO Box 36
Seaside Park, NJ 08752


emailed to:

Please forward this notice to all your 8th grade Players and Cheerleaders
immediately. The deadline for submission is no later than 12/31/23 please!

Good luck and great football!

Russell J. Yeager
Commissioner NJ-SYFL