The cheerleading program is intended to complement the contact football program, and as such there will be no separation from one or the other and at no time will a cheerleading team be absent from a scheduled league football game in order to attend a competition. While the league has no problem in developing and maintaining cheer competitions, any participation will be VOLUNTARY and no program will be mandated at any time to participate. Our intent is to ensure that we create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment centered around football activity and not an atmosphere where any one program overshadows another because they participate in competitions and another program does not.

The cheerleading program is comprised of four levels, designated A through F, and are based upon the ages that correspond to the respective contact football teams. The starting level for this program is the “F” Team which is a very instructional based program. An emphasis is placed upon enjoyment and building sound fundamentals. The other levels provide for increasing levels of skill development and competition up through the “A” Team, the final level prior to high school participation.

The table below indicates where a participant will typically be placed, however, these are guidelines and not rules enforced by the NJSYFL. A common exception to these guidelines is for younger siblings that often participate as “mascots” for an older level.


Team Grade Age Limit
A Level 8th 14 years 6 months
B Level 7th 13 years 6 months
C Level 6th 12 years 6 months
D-F Level 5th-3rd 11 years 6 months