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October 2014 League Rep Meeting
The October 2014 NJSYFL League Rep Meeting will be held on Thursday, 10/16/14, at 8pm. The meeting will be held at the Galloping Hill Golf Course, in the Club House Conference Room, 3 Golf Drive, Kenilworth, NJ.

10/1/14 - Noise Maker Policy
Due to an increased use of certain types of noise making devices, over the past three weeks at certain NJSYFL- game sites, by spectators, the League Executive Board has issued the following policy:

Effective immediately (10/1/14), the use of the following noise making devices are now prohibited by the NJ-SYFL during all games...

1. Hand-held electronic mega-phones or bull horns
2. Whistles of any kind
3. Air horns
4. Fire or Police-like Sirens

Non-Compliance with this policy, by any team's spectators going forward will result in a review by the League Executive Board and potential game forfeiture.

9/27/14 - NJSYFL Filming Policy
REMINDER: The "Scout Filming or Video Recording" of NJSYFL games during the regular season, by coaches or representatives from any program, of a team that the filming program is about to play, in a regular season game, in a subsequent regular season week, is not permitted by the NJSYFL.

Gathering of "game film" of opponents, prior to playing them in the regular season, gives an unfair advantage to the filming team, because not all programs have the means to gather film equally across the league. This has been an NJSYFL standing policy for a number of years.

Programs/Coaches/Program Representatives/Agents that are determined by the League Executive Board to be gathering film in this manner,
for this purpose, will be awarded a forfeit. If multiple infractions are determined from this point forward, The League Executive Board will apply additional corrective measures.

Please notify all coaches in your respective programs about this policy, immediately. Any film already gathered in this manner, should be surrendered to the League Executive Board at this time.

2014 League-Wide Coaches Meeting
Date: Wednesday 9/10/14
Time: 8:30 PM
Loc : SPF HS Café, 645 Westfield Road, Scotch Plains, NJ

RESULTS: 2013 Championship Games A-D : 11/24/13
Old Bridge HS Field, 3439 Highway 516, Old Bridge, NJ
A Game....1:15 PM.....Westfield 26 v. Morristown 20
B Game...12:00 PM.....Richmond Boro 6 v. Summit 24
C Game...10:30 AM.....Westfield 13 v. Sparta 7
D Game.....9:00 AM.....Morristown 6 v. Westfield 13

All Star Game: North 6 South 12
North: BV, CH, IRV, PA, SPA, SPF, SU & SWS
South: BF, BH, CR, MB, PAR, RB & SPR


2014 League-Wide Coaches Meeting @ SPF HS Cafe
645 Westfield Road, Scotch Plains, NJ
8:30 PM
Wednesday, September 10, 2014